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How to grow your tree from seed:

Your kit will come with detailed instructions, but here's a quick guide...  

Add soil, seeds, perlite, and water to your mini-greenhouse. 

Refrigerate your tree kit to simulate winter dormancy.

Your little seed will begin to germinate – place it somewhere warm to simulate springtime.

Watch your little tree grow – give it plenty of light and let the soil dry out between waterings. 

Once your tree grows to the top of its mini-greenhouse, transplant it to a 2-10 gallon container.


Coast Redwood

Grow the world's tallest tree! Reaching heights greater than 365 feet, the magnificent Coast Redwood is not only the planet's tallest tree, but also one of the world's most long-lived, with lifespans of more than 2,000 years. Fossil records also indicate that the species is among the most ancient of trees; its lineage dating back 160 million years

Blue Spruce

The distinctive Blue Spruce is Colorado's State Tree, known for its blue-grey color. Although Blue Spruce are native to higher elevations in the Rockies of Colorado and Wyoming, the species has been successfully cultivated in gardens and towns all around the world. It grows to 80-100 ft tall at maturity, with trunk diameters of 2-4 feet. A Blue Spruce will make a fine windbreak, or an excellent container-grown living Christmas Tree.

Red Maple

The Red Maple is an abundant, adaptable species that grows across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. A moderately fast grower, Red Maple usually grows to 60-100 ft tall. Red twigs & buds give the tree its name, as does the brilliant scarlet color of its foliage. It is often one of the first trees to color-up in fall and blossom in spring. Highly soil-tolerant, it can grow in sun or shade, and is a great street or ornamental tree.

Ponderosa Pine

The mighty Ponderosa Pine dominates forests in all western states. This species can live for centuries, growing to over 300 ft tall and 8 ft wide. A slow grower in its first decade, Ponderosa Pine grows faster as it ages. It can tolerate heat & drought, and is extremely cold-hardy. It can be cultivated almost anywhere, and is a beautiful and statuesque tree at every stage of its life.

Palm Tree

Palm trees are an icon of the good life — fun, sun, glamour, and good times! Mythically, they are the trees of heaven. Though palm trees are often associated with exotic tropical locales, there are over 2,500 different palm species in the Arecaceae family, and they grow in all kinds of climates — hot, cold, wet, and dry — on every continent except Antarctica.

Bonsai Tree

The perfect gift for apartment-dwelling tree lovers! Bonsai is a Japanese art form using cultivation techniques to produce small trees in containers that mimic the shape and scale of full size trees. Start your bonsai right from the very beginning – grow it from seed and shape it exactly as you want. 

Giant Sequoia

Giant Sequoias are native to California's Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. These trees are hardy enough to grow well in virtually any climate, and are cultivated and loved throughout the world. This majestic species can live thousands of years and attain monumental size — up to 300 ft tall with trunks almost 40ft in diameter!

Ancient Bristlecone Pine

The Bristlecone Pine is perhaps the world's most ancient living organism. The oldest Bristlecone is 5,000 years old! These trees grow at high elevations on exposed, rocky slopes in Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California, and New Mexico. In cultivation, the slow-growing Bristlecone Pine takes on quite a different form: a symmetrical tree, fully clothed in dense, dark, shimmering needles, and growing to around 25 ft tall.

Christmas Tree

Bring the holidays to life with a fun-filled gift that grows a living Christmas Tree! These kits make great stocking stuffers, ideal party favors, and wonderful goodwill gifts for friends, family, and colleagues. Fun, festive, and meaningful — give a tree that can be enjoyed for many Christmases to come!


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