How do we choose the items?

We ask the service members what they would like and what their fellow recipients might enjoy. For instance, you may wonder why we ask for candy but not chocolate. The troops told us that unfortunately it does not hold up to the conditions.

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What is a 501C(3) organization

Trees From Home Inc. is chartered as a charitable organization. We are 100% unpaid volunteers.


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Calling All Knitters and Crocheters

We strive to send out 12,000 boxes every holiday season to our service personnel. And soon we would like to include a hat made by YOU!

Calling all knitters and crocheters: Trees From Home would like to include a hat in our goodie bags this year to go along with our Christmas Trees. We plan on gifting 3,000 Service Persons this year so we need you to get busy. At Michaels a skein of wool is about $6, but Michaels has a 40% off coupon almost every week bringing the cost down to $3.60 each plus tax. I have also heard that a Thrift store sweater can be taken apart to make 3 hats. If you cannot knit or crochet, you may want to donate a few skeins of wool or sweaters. In dark colors only please? Please pass this around to your friends.


Click on the above photo for instructions to make these caps using either circular needles, straight needles or crochet needles. If you cannot open the file, send us an email and we will send you instructions via US Mail.

Thank you for considering a donation to Trees From Home. A charitable organization which brings comfort to our troops and honor their service.

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