How do we choose the items?

We ask the service members what they would like and what their fellow recipients might enjoy. For instance, you may wonder why we ask for candy but not chocolate. The troops told us that unfortunately it does not hold up to the conditions.

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What is a 501C(3) organization

Trees From Home Inc. is chartered as a charitable organization. We are 100% unpaid volunteers.  


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Country Woman Magazine

We were so happy to have our organization's President, Julie Stuhlmacher, featured in Country Woman Magazine in their November, 2015 issue.

Julie was given the opportunity to spread the word about the great work Trees From Home does all year long and receive recognition for her dedication to keep us excited about serving the troops.

Country Woman Mag

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We are so proud of Julie, the Board of Directors and ALL of our volunteers who ALL donate their time and passion to help bring a piece of home to our troops who are far from home at the holidays.

Thank you for considering a donation to Trees From Home. A charitable organization which brings comfort to our troops and honor their service.

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